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Accounting software for not-for-profit org

SAGE (Sustainable Agriculture & Gardening Eurobodalla) is evolving from keeping our financial records in spreadsheets to using an accounting software package.

Before we commit to Xero or some such and start paying for the privilege, I’ve been tasked with exploring available free packages.

So far, I’ve put these on my list to test:

  • GnuCash

  • BS1 General Ledger

  • Adminsoft

  • FrontAccounting

Any other suggestions or experiences?

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Following with interest @elbowandchin, as we’re thinking it will be a good idea if all the enterprises in the Harcourt Organic Farming Alliance that we’re setting up all use the same accounting software, and also the same farm management software - and ideally that they talk nicely to each other (the software packages, not the farmers - though we’re aiming for that as well!). Are you using any farm management software at the moment? Cheers, Katie

Hi Katie

No farm management software, as SAGE is a community group focussed on “growing the growers”. But that’s an idea, given we train an intern every year and are developing a new program to turbo charge that into something quite significant.

What sort of farm management software is out there, do you know?


Not sure about the specific application but may be worth a look at Reckon

We (Melbourne Farmers Markets) used Reckon in the past but have now gone with MYOB. I know that our Finance Manager explored / weighed up MYOB v Xero but unsure as to the reasons why MYOB was the chosen one for us!

Cool, but we’re looking into free software first.

Prudence, why did you switch from Reckon?

My understanding is that there were too many limitations in the reports etc that could be generated and also myob can be integrated with our online staff management system (tanda) so in that sense, is also far more efficient.

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Wave Accounting is worth checking out. Most useful free package I’ve come across for small business accounting, but I haven’t looked at the programmes on your list - so they might win :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely check them out.

re. farm management software FarmOS may be of interest. I’ve started having a little play with it but know nothing about the alternatives @kfinlay. Are you using something else? or looking into other things?

You can get FarmOS hosted for you by the developer via

The co-op is just starting to look at this question @kirsten so watching with interest