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Ag event insurance

Am about to embark on delivering a series of events which will be agriculture in nature…on farm tours, pruning and grafting workshops etc and want to be sure I have the best insurance option. has anyone had any experience with this and might be able to point me in the right direction

@Thea How does YFM handle this? Any suggestions?

And @tammois again, your expertise in running on-farm events would be very helpful here!

Our farm insurance has $20 million public liability, product liability, asset protection, and two farm utes on the same policy. It’s around $450/month with RACV. I’m just starting to investigate what I would get with RuralCo though as I reckon RACV is a silly choice - not their main game.

The policy covers visitors and volunteers, but not staff, as that’s under our Workcover policy. It’s prudent to outline the risks to people, and if you’re really worried you can even get them to sign a thing that says they’ve had all of the obvious risks identified for them (we don’t do this).

Thanks @tammois for all that info! In terms of choosing a new insurer, our insurance is with a small broker based in the western district, Mary-Ann Brown & Associates, and she’s ace! We use her because it’s who my in-laws have used for decades, and they’ve been looked after really well. Obviously ours is much more basic (and I’m realising I don’t have a copy of it digitally :grimacing:) but I think it’s pretty reasonable.

I would love to know about this type of insurance as well as we do multiple types of events including on farms. We are also about to embark on regular farm tours so need insurance for that as well.
Thanks for any further input and leads for insurance companies and/or brokers.

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