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Ag Vic presents pro GMO film in Melbourne

Propaganda or opening closed minds …?

Bought to you by Agriculture Victoria (my former employer btw). Did anyone catch the Fair Food doco brought to you by Ag Vic? Didn’t think so …

I would like you to compare the front web page from our Ag Department who “builds industry capacity, grows exports and supports the creation of jobs and economic growth in Victoria Australia.”

to Vermont USA who “facilitate, support and encourage the growth and viability of agriculture while protecting the working landscape, human health, animal health, plant health, consumers and the environment.”

Google ‘Vermont Food Plan’ and you get which sets the global standard of how a government can lead a true systems approach to building a food ‘system’

Google ‘Victoria Food Plan’ and …

What do fellow Victorian Fair Food Farmers think of how ‘our’ Agriculture Department supports them and the development of a better food system? What about the other states?


Gah. Thanks for sharing this, Charlie. Highlights the technocrat productivist mindset of our government as distinct from the food sovereignty perspective increasingly embedded in the northeastern states of the US. That comparison you shared from the different ag departments is especially striking. If you don’t mind, I might use it in my next email to the ag minister seeing where we’re at for a meeting about upcoming changes to the planning scheme in Victoria?

Also re GMO - I’ll start another thread to get input on an alarming new development in the FAO on the use of biotechnologies in ‘sustainable’ agriculture. A push from member states such as Australia and the US got this discussion started early this year in Rome, and there is a regional meeting coming up in KL where civil society has a chance to be heard before it progresses too quickly… more on this in another thread!

No probs at all Tammy, use away