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Agriculture Victoria: Artisanal Agriculture and Premium Food Business Survey

FAO: any and all farmers / growers / food value-adders / processors in Victoria:

The Artisanal Agriculture and Premium Food program was announced by the Minister for Agriculture Jaala Pulford in May 2018.

This new and first of its kind $2 million program aims to help grow Victoria’s emerging artisan agriculture and premium food industry, increase market opportunities for high-quality, high-value produce, and strengthen Victoria’s regional food offerings.

You can read more about the program at

With this in mind, Agriculture Victoria last week released a new survey which forms part of a wider stakeholder engagement process. Findings from this survey will be used to inform the implementation of the $2 million Victorian Government’s Artisanal Agriculture and Premium Food program, which includes a grants scheme.

The Artisanal Agriculture and Premium Food program will complement support for artisan producers navigating recent land use planning reforms, which were announced in June 2018 (
The survey is being distributed through several industry networks and media platforms. We would appreciate you and your colleagues distributing this survey amongst your own networks.

We are aiming to secure responses from several hundred producers and businesses. The survey closes on 26th August 2018, and has already received an extremely positive response.

The link to the survey, which has been designed by my organisation, Sustain: The Australian Food Network (, in consultation with Agriculture Victoria, is here:

It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete.

We thank you for your co-operation and assistance.

Please let us know if you require any further information.

Kind regards

Nick Rose
Executive Director,