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Book recommendations?

I have a holiday coming up, which for me is often a good chance to catch up on non-fiction reading. Yay! :grinning: :books:

Does anyone have recommendations of fair food related books that they’ve read recently, or books that helped their thinking on fair food topics, e.g. on transitions, commons, etc.


Hi @Jen
I was going to say Joel Salatin “Folks this ain’t Normal” or Michael Pollan “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” but likely that you have already read them and not really what you are after.
Also I am just reading “Eating Ourselves Sick” by Louise Stephen

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Thanks @Peroomba! To be honest I often get distracted by books that focus on communication and behaviour change (e.g. my current half-finished on the bedside table books are Words That Work: It’s not what you say, it’s what people hear and Is shame necessary: New uses for an old tool), which means I can fall behind on food books at times, so all recommendations are appreciated.

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I want to read this ( but it costs almost $50 to ship it from the usa. If anyone is going there can you get one for me!!?


Michael Brownlee’s ‘The Local Food Revolution’ is an amazing book, very deep and thought provoking so not the best for a chilled out holiday maybe but put it on your must read list! This book now haunts many of my thinking hours so be warned once read you can’t undo what you’ll know…

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@Prudence and @miranda are off to the States on their envy-inducing trip - maybe they can snag one for you. Or you could buy the ebook :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation @Charlie_Showers - maybe I’ll just need to make sure I have a couple of uplifting ‘It can be done!’ style fair food books on the list to make sure I counteract the haunting one!

oohhhhh looks like an awesome book, found it on fishpond for $21, includes shipping!

It is honest so there are disturbing bits however overall it is uplifting and positive, it is just very deep and I found myself having to re-read many sections to be able to digest it. I found it answered many questions, in particular why are so many of us are drawn to work so hard for local food systems for what many would see as such little return … the answer lies in evolution…

If you haven’t read Garrett Broad’s More Than Just Food, I highly recommend.

Alie Alkon and Julie Guthman also have a new book out this month called The New Food Activism, which I can vouch for too, having seen a bootleg copy.

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Kirsten if you’re happy with a late Aug / early Sept book arrival, I can probably pick one up for you! :slight_smile:


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Thats some of my ‘to read’ list that come to mind…though i know there are plenty more sitting around :books: good luck!


The Town that Food Saved - Hardwick, Vermont, a typical hardscrabble farming community of 3,000 residents, has jump-started its economy and redefined its self-image through a local, self-sustaining food system unlike anything else in America
This one is on Kindle too.


Thanks everyone - some gems here that I hadn’t heard of, and some great reminders of books I’d heard of and forgotten about! Keep 'em coming!

I feel like we have the makings of a virtual fair food book club within this thread :slight_smile:


This is a great thread. Thanks all!

Maybe it goes without saying, but I thought Fair Food, edited by Nick Rose, was excellent and light enough for a holiday read! Some great suggestions in here, thanks everyone!

LOVE that book! Highly recommend it.