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CERES Commercial Aquaponics System For Sale

Here’s a little bit of info on what it includes - which is everything you’ll need to get growing.

If you’d like to come and see the set-up and talk to Tony our highly experienced aquaponics farmer - he’s available this Wednesday, Friday or Saturday - 10th,12th &13th May.

The System

1x Commercial Poly Tunnel 20.5mx6.25m (128sqm)

  • rain guttering
  • 1 x 5000 ltr poly rainwater tank
  • summer pull-over shade,
  • roll up sides,
  • 2x lockable doors ($16k new) .

1x Insulated 6mx2.5m Shipping Container - holding 2x 6000ltr fish tanks

2 x 18.20mx21.5m (80sqm) form-ply grow-beds with heavy duty pond liners
Comes with
140 x floating polystyrene rafts

System growing capacity:

  • 3920 herb bunches - eg basil or coriander


  • 2100 lettuce sized plants

3 x energy efficient PerformancePro end suction centrifugal pumps (inc 1 brand new spare - replacement cost around $1000 ea)

Throughout the system we’ve used the more expensive but environmentally more friendly heavy duty black poly pipe and fittings (it’s also easy to reuse)

1 x HydroChem Ph tester and doser - great back-up that automatically measures and adds nutrients in the system ($2000 new and great when your fish are new)

2x IBC water filters

2 Kw solar panels and inverter

Battery back-up if power goes down

Electrical Control box

2 x oxygen bubblers to protect fish in hotter weather

Shelving for seedling production

Water testing equipment

Various growing punnets,trays etc

The system cost over $40,000 just in materials and equipment.

We’re pricing it at $20,000 inc gst because we’d love to see all this aquaponics gear continue to be productive. The only thing you’ll need to get started is veggie seedlings and fish fingerlings.

CERES can help dismantle the poly tunnel, grow beds, solar system etc, though you should be there to learn how it all goes back together.

You’ll also need to organise transport and putting it back together (we can help with contacts for both of these) .

The system needs to be removed before Friday June 9th 2017

Tony Audley, who has had 5 years working with this system, can also provide onsite or remote advice (depending on location) to get you up and going.

Let me know if you’d like to inspect


Hey @ChrisE - I’m sending this onto Stuart Chignell, not sure where he’s at but it could be of interest to him . .

Where do l buy this system, I live in Hervey Bay QLD.
Paul Hodder

Hi Paul, sorry it’s been sold.

All the best

Hi Chris, is there going to be another one available in the near future.

Sorry it was a one of demo system



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