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'Community of Practice' Categories

Check out the current Category structure here

Initial suggested Categories based on communities of practice already identified as wanting online forum capability . .

  • producers
  • community food enterprises working to connect food with people (“connectors”) [supported by Thrive Community Food Enterprise funding from the Victorian Department of Health]
  • processors and value-adders
  • food justice peeps
  • and the rest of you! NB. New Community of Practice categories can be easily added if you want them. Hit Reply to this post and tell us what you want

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Just flagging for people that this post exists and categories are open for discussion, and that we can add more categories for communities of practice that others feel are important. It needs to be done by moderators because it’s a bit fiddly and we’re trying to keep categories as clear as possible and avoid the forum becoming messy and therefore less readable, but we’re very happy to add more as needed.

@SophieLamond has suggested a category of ‘Food policy’ - Sophie, do you want to elaborate more on if there are sub-categories you think should fall in this category?

And I think there should be a category of ‘Communications’ which would encompass how we tell the story of fair food, sharing newsletters amongst enterprises, etc.

What do others think about adding those categories? Are there others you think are needed/would be helpful?

Hi Kirsten, how about ‘Consultants’ ‘Councillors’ ‘Advocates’ & ‘Pracademics’?
Jen Alden

hi @growingchange and @megan.hunt

I have just created a Category called ‘Networks’ which is a bit uselessly vague, but feels nicer than ‘Other Communities of Practice’ for now . . and a sub-category for Local Food Networks & Action Groups and one for ‘Research’ (does that pick up what you’re looking for Jen or you think something broader is needed?

Very open to suggestion of better names / categorisation!

NB: It is really easy for us to change these around, switch and reallocate posts etc . . so is completely fine to try something and evolve to what works best as more content is created.