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Connecting our ethically grown pork to food hubs?

We are a new farm to the market with our ethically grown pork product. We would love to share this with food hubs and give discounts for large purchases such as food groups. We currently deliver our products to Melbourne and directly to customers doors, however we would like to find out how to contact food groups or food hubs to share what we have to offer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hey @GVPork - welcome! I reckon the best people to talk to are the good people at Open Food Network @kirsten & @serenity. I hope it goes well for you!

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Hi, one of the 20 odd selection criteria in FindGoodFood is ‘ethically grown’ if you are looking for discerning consumers. FindGoodFood is coming on stream in Nov, is an NTP NGO information website / mobile site on what, where, how, when, why, etc to find good food, balance your RDI, etc… It is health and nutrition focused.

Thanks Tammois, greatly appreciated

Thank you so much, as I said we are starting out and really trying to find out feed to get our ethically grown produce out there to the people who love this kind of produce.