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Cover cropping workshop with Colin Seis

Cover Cropping Short Course - Flyer - Low Res.pdf (1016.1 KB)

Expressions of interest (EOI) are now open for three by one-day short course in multi-species cover cropping for managers of mixed farming operations.

Multi-species cover cropping can help farmers build a soil resource base that supports production and profit in times of increased climate variation. They also benefit integrated pest management strategies by providing habitat for predatory insects and bees.

The course will cover a range of topics including:
 Designing your own cover-cropping demonstration trial
 Achieving good crop yields
 Measuring changes in nutrient cycling, water infiltration and stability of your soil
 Managing key soil health processes to improve soil condition and increase farm resilience
 Increasing profitability while lowering risk

The training will also cover the material in the recently released Holistic Management® Planned Cropping Manual.

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