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Crowdfunding experiences

Hi all,

I’m asking for people’s experiences on using crowdfunding platforms to raise money for Ag projects. We are consisdering using crowdfunding to raise a deposit on some degraded land across the road from us for a Regenerative Grazing project we are keen to get started with.

Anyone gone down this road, has anyone supported a project, pros, cons, suggestions? All welcome.



Hi Dalles, I’ve used crowd funding for non-ag projects and my experience was that you really work for the money. It’s a lot of administrative work drumming up enough interest and then managing rewards (particularly if some rewards have been donated, so there’s an extra layer of to-ing and fro-ing). That said, I think it works better for farms that have a really dedicated supporter base already, and have a tangible product that they can offer as a reward. @tammois has had some great success stories with this, and I think @SageFarm have too?

The other option for purchase of land for regenerative farming without your own capital could be to work with ORICoop.

I’m not sure how far they are off being able to invest in Tasmania, but some of their founders may be able to shed light on that - @carolyn @robert?

Yes - so true. Crowdfunding is a hard way to get $$ but a great way to
build brand awareness and engage with supporters. Depending on what you are
raising the dollars for - can be an excellent way to go - but have no
illusions… it requires at least 2 months of dedicated planning and



Thanks Chris and Jen,

I’d kinda got the feeling when looking at what was succeeding vs failing on the various platforms that the nebulous ideas without a product were really struggling. The big successes, like you said Jen, had tangible rewards to offer. I certainly wouldn’t go into without those tangible rewards but honestly, I don’t have the time.
If Kerry, my wife, wasn’t working full time and could take this on, or we could do it together then sure, we’d delve deeper. However I am so caught up with production, and pigs escaping, the cow’s on heat, the rabbits have coccidiosis etc, etc.
I also think that really you only get one chance too, to fail at a crowdfunding project would be hard to bounce back from.
Thanks for the input and I’ll have a gander at that Organic Investment group later today when I get all my ‘ducks’ in a tow.

Hi Dalles, et al - sorry for slow reply. You’ve all covered most of it, but I would also add that from what I’ve seen of people crowdfunding for land, it’s in the ‘nebulous’ category that people find harder to understand why they should support, even when the rewards are tangible. Infrastructure on an already proven operation seems more successful and defensible? (Also easier to offer tangible rewards!) Good luck with all the animals and the projects!