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CSA Network Australia and New Zealand

Hi all,

@SallyRuljancich and I (Joel Orchard) are excited to announce that we have been developing the CSA Network Australia & New Zealand.
We have been building on the existing FB network and have launched the new website and social media for the network.

The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Network Australiaand New Zealand is an advocacy group, dedicated to highlighting, growing and supporting CSAs in Australia and New Zealand.
We are in the process of formalising our membership with Urgenci – the International CSA Network.

What do we intend to achieve?

· To create and maintain a Directory of Australian and New Zealand CSAs
· To link in already established resources for emerging and existing CSAs and to create resources to share
· To be a presence in the media, highlighting the value of CSAs for both farmers and eaters. To be a ‘voice’ for CSAs in our region
· To work towards presenting workshops around the country to introduce CSAs to farming communities and cities
· To participate in international discussions via the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC)
· To establish a Participatory Guarantee System (PGS) to run alongside CSAs

We would love your participation and support.

We are eager to have all CSA listed on our directory and visible on the map.
Please read through the CSANetworkAusNZ website where you will find an outline for details on CSA

We are aligning with the internationally recognised foundations for CSA which can be found on the Urgenci website and will seek all CSA’s participation in forming and formalising a charter for the Australia New Zealand region.

You can register your CSA on the directory by replying with the following information :
CSA title
Location + post code
Web links -
Website / fb / etc
Primary contact
or from the website form :

Any sharing of the page, tagging of people (farmers and eaters, groups, networks) who would be interested in the aims of the network, would be greatly appreciated.
We love to see the content that is being created by our CSA farms so please use the hashtag #csaausnz so we can keep track of the conversations and see your posts, amplify your messages and help build awareness.
We are also taking quotes, endorsements and testimonials to build a cache of memes and media. See example below.

We will be seeking content, resources and links for the website to support our existing farms and those new to CSA
If you’re a farmer, how has the CSA movement helped you on your farm?
Have you got useful documents, resources or websites?
If you’re an eater, how does connecting through CSAs improve your relationship to your food and diet?

We would also welcome the opportunity to connect in and join the conversations already happening in your region, networks and communities around food security, regenerative agriculture and food sovereignty.

Please join the FB group for discussions :
And add the FB page to your list :

We look forward to hearing from you!
In solidarity,

Joel Orchard and Sally Ruljancich
IG: CSANetworkAusNZ


hi @Futurefeeders and @SallyRuljancich - just looking at your directory I count about 28 csa’s in Aus - would that be your best estimate or you know of others that aren’t in there yet? Thanks!

Hi Kirsten,

Yes correct, from our records we have connected with 28 Australian farms that identify as CSA and that operate within a framework that aligns with the value of Community Supported Agriculture as defined by Urgenci - International CSA Network

Since we started the directory we have also had contact from a number of farms that are looking to start CSA and some that are close to launching a CSA program.

There are also quite a number of other farms that operate as CSA’s but don’t identify or who operate as hybrid CSA’s.