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Delivering meat in Victoria - what are the requirements - help please

hi all, a few people are considering adding meat to their deliveries as farmers’ markets shift online, or farmers work together to deliver. Does anyone know what the current requirements and regulations are?
Can you drop in an esky on the doorstep for example?
Who does your vehicle need to be certified with? Primesafe? Council?

Advice appreciated!

Found this on the primesafe site, under “exceptions” (to the rules requiring the use of primesafe licensed vehicles).
“Meat transported to Farmer’s Markets provided that the meat is processed, packaged, labelled at and transported from a PrimeSafe licensed meat processing facility or at a facility licensed under another State or Territory and stored and sealed in a robust, leak-proof container;”. Not sure if this means that online versions of Farmer’s Markets are exempt?
Prom Coast would know?