Australian Fair Food Forum

Fair Food for Low Income

These notes were taken from a group discussion session at the Food Sovereignty Convergence in Canberra, 23/24 November 2017.

  • CSA – tiered pricing, higher end pays more
  • Not cheaper food
  • Value food- cultural shift
  • Low income- educate into food production, teach them how to grow. Stephanie Alexander Programme
  • Welfare collaboration- food stamps taken at farmers markets- Dept of social security
  • Rescue Food
  • Food co-op- volunteering time to access food
  • CSA- volunteering to reduce costs and allow box in return
  • Urban agriculture
  • More middle class people buying fair food
  • Eating seasonal
  • Where + how food is sold
  • Access to transport influences food choices
  • Growers- diverse and flexible pickup and delivery
  • Small-scale/localised eg. Magic kitchen
  • Increasing supermarket prices eg/ sugar tax
  • Right to Food Coalition