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Good food policy and projects resources to share with university food activists and policy makers

Hi All,

I’ve been putting together good resources for university activists and food policy makers to access via the Fair Food Challenge website - while it is doubling up on a couple of issues on some of the great resources here and in the fair food library it is mostly an access point for non-foody folk who are just beginning to ask questions about these things so it’s good for such resources to be gathered together and targeted to university audiences.

The page is here - hop on over to see what we’ve already listed

So - my question to everyone here is - what are your favourite resources, action kits, how to guides, research that can help in transforming institutional food systems?

so far the topics we have organised under are; food policy, procurement, food waste, cooking, food co-ops and community kitchens, food hubs, community and general resources, community gardens, public health

It would be especially great to populate the list with some more Australian resources

@Jen @kirsten @serenity @luke.craven @rebecca.lindberg you may have some good ideas for this kind of audience, or recommendations for who else on the forum might have some good resources in any of the particular areas mentioned above

Thanks everyone!

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