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How to plant / propogate Bunya Pine seeds?

Hi Bram,
From what I have read recently, they are not self fertile, so growing a few from seed is definitely the way to go.

Hi all I have some bunya nut seedlings
From 3 cm- 20 cm
I have planted in a pot with seed raising mix and forest litter from under the tree where I found them.
How often should I water them
When should I plant them in the forest
How far apart ?
Thanks all…

Hi Lisa. They like a lot of water and humidity, but try and replicate nature by backing right off on the water May through September. They will tolerate upsizing of pots until you think you can’t look after them - maybe 3 metres tall. Back into the forest, maybe 10 metres apart. Please don’t plant them anywhere there will be foot traffic or cars parked.