Australian Fair Food Forum

Innovative fair food models for the 21st century: International inspiration | Dec 7 2-17 | Melbourne

Innovative fair food models for the 21st century: International inspiration from Open Food Network France, UK, Canada, and Spain

Converting a country’s postal system into a fair food hub and delivery service. Boosting farmers’ markets by pre-selling produce online. Farmer-led food systems. Consumer driven co-operatives. A national network of food hubs.

The Open Food Network is used globally by a number of innovative community food enterprises creating new food systems. Our international partners from France, Canada, Spain/Catalonia, and the UK are in Melbourne for an Open Food Network meet-up and while they’re here they’re excited to share how they’re building a new food system in their part of the world, including the examples above.

Speakers will share the new models (and new ways of delivering well-known models!) that they are setting up, and what lessons they’ve learned along the way that can inspire and guide those interested in starting their own fair food enterprise.

They are farmers, developers, and community organisers, are involved in a range of international movements across the alternative economy, platform co-operative, action-research, food sovereignty and peasant farmer movements, and are inspiring to talk to about a whole host of topics!

The event won’t include food, but anyone attending is welcome to join a group heading out to dinner somewhere nearby after the event, and you’re welcome to bring food into the venue.

Powerpoint files from the evening are below:
1. Presentation on OFN Canada.pdf (552.1 KB)
2. UK OFN Aus.pdf (747.4 KB)
3. Catalan buying groups.pdf (476.2 KB)
4. Open Food France SLD.pdf (1.3 MB)