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Interactive cooking workshops - Introducing the Farmer to Table project

Hi all,

My name is Ben Mac and I run an organisation called the Social Food Project, running pop-up food events that have sustainability outcomes.

We are running a project called Farmer to Table, which is designed to connect local ethical producers and consumers in Melbourne. The project includes a monthly cooking workshop where people get to meet a producer, cook with their produce and enjoy a sit down shared lunch. Our next workshop is this Sunday and is highlighting duck producer Fiona Briers from Vue Du Volcan Farm. Here are the details:

As well as the workshops, we are also creating Producer Profiles that include a 5 minute video, Q&A, photos of the farm and recipes inspired by their produce - check them out here:

We would love to connect with more people on this project, so if you are interested in attending the workshops, being highlighted yourself as a producer or have any general feedback/advice - please get in touch! :slight_smile:


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Having been a framer previously profiled by Ben and partaken in the workshops - I can highly recommend as being a part of it. Ben is a highly talented Chef and apssionate about the sovereignty of the produce he cooks with. - we need more Chef’s like Ben

HI Ben Mac, what i a wonderful idea,
My name is Pauline Crosbie, i have five acres that i have been turning into a sanctuary for holistic food development on Mt Dandenong, i have a Not for profit kitchen and foundation and i connect with other kitchens to help develop social enterprises with enthics groups and communities . The work sees me support THOSE AROUND ME - communities with my consultation and mentor ship to development their own food co-operative in the poorest countries in the world. i sustain my self and the development of programs for food security, i make welcome being highlighted as a producer, thanks for what you are doing, take care Pauline

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Hi Pauline, it would be great to speak to you more about your project. Please send me an email on :slight_smile: