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Lean experiments for community food enterprises

Sometimes it can feel like you need to get a system right before you sink time into it, but it’s impossible to find the time to put a plan in place. For community food enterprises this can be compounded by running on tight budgets and staffing, and the urgency of keeping up with day-to-day needs.

Lean experimentation can help your community food enterprise improve rapidly, without sinking energy into systems you’re unsure of.

In this two-hour workshop you’ll be guided through the Lean methodology, and learn about the process as you create an experiment that is ready to start. You’ll leave with an understanding of how experimentation can help, and how to quickly design and evaluate experiments that get to the heart of the problem. And because you’ll be learning by doing, you’ll have an experiment ready to go to start tackling one of your community food enterprise’s challenges.

You’ll be led through this by Open Food Network’s experienced facilitator, Danielle Moorhead, who helps companies large and small apply lean and agile project management. She combines this experience with years of working with community food enterprises for the Open Food Network, giving her a dynamo set of skills to help community food enterprises thrive.

Happening Thursday April 11, 5-7pm. :slight_smile:

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