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Local Food Policies and Process Listing

Hey there! This is a place for everyone to find examples of local food policies (council or regional levels) and the processes they went through to get there. It would be great to know who is working on this at the moment, who has had some great successes or total failures with the aim to help those of us starting the process.


Hi Kate - we’ve got some examples and policy toolkits on our resources listing page at fair food challenge

But would love to collect more local food policies - eager to see what turns up on this thread




Hi Sophie, what a great selection of resources you have on your site! Thanks for sharing. I just saw your tweet about the #unicycle. Sounds interesting. Look forward to learning more about it soon.

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@Charlie_Showers mentioned the NE Vic policy in his intro: “I have also recognised the importance of food policy so got involved with the development of a North East Victoria Food Policy Disucussion Paper and continue to work with some others to advocate for food policy development in our patch however I’d much prefer to be grafting fruit trees!” which @peterfkenyon has also been really involved with.

And @sophiehartjamieson and @mark.sanders have both shared some info about the recent Moreland food policy development. See Moreland Food Systems Strategy

And there’s some discussion over at Opportunity to influence food policy in Vic - embedding in local govt plans through submission process about local food policies including both of those examples.

The City of Melbourne (particularly @greg.jacobs and @Jill) are obvious local food policy leaders with Food City which @kirsten and Rachel Carey helped develop.

hey folks,

some good overviews to start:

milan urban food policy pact: selected good practices from cities

iPES FOOD what makes urban food policy happen? insights from five case studies

a baseline of healthy eating and active living within nsw local government community strategic plans and selected delivery programs – this is a good systematic overview of food in NSW LGAs’ CSPs

some other examples from victoria i’ve come across:
the city of casey’s food security policy
the city of darebin’s food security policy

from across the world:
baltimore food policy initiative
belo horizonte
the city of columbus and franklin county’s local food action plan
toronto food policy council

hope this helps!

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Hi Kate, Wodonga Council, in partnership (M.O.U currently being compiled) with Gateway Health (Community Health) and the Wodonga Local Food Network (community action group - cross sector representation) currently has it’s Wodonga Food Strategy in draft.
It is scheduled to go up to a Council meeting very soon, so fingers crossed all goes according to plan very soon.
The Strategy has been developed using the North East Food Policy Discussion Paper as the basis for establishing it’s Priorities. The Strategy has utilized the Wodonga Local Food Network as a reference group to establish the entire document and the Action Plan.
This has been to date a great outcome, as it has allowed the Food Network to review it’s structure, purpose and build on its membership. Now we have a plan… we can attract money to do and act! We have a formal pathway to work with Council to ensure we are part of the picture when working on all things food - small to broad scale.

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The John Hopkins Centre for a Liveable Future also has a Food Policy Network which includes