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Looking for CSAs or food delivery hubs in Toowoomba

I’ve been purchasing great produce from the local farmers’ market in Toowoomba, but produce varies week to week and is limited, especially for meat, dairy and grain produce. I’m looking for CSAs or delivery hubs in Toowoomba and would really appreciate any leads :slight_smile:
I would also be interested in volunteering as a food hub in Toowoomba for any producers looking for a new regional delivery location in SEQ! Thanks.

Hey Sarah, emailed you a weekly market that offers Food Connect produce. There’s also Echo Valley Farm Meat CSA you could try too.
If you had a bit of time, you could put in an EOI to be a City Cousin for Toowoomba! You’d need 10 or more friends to join you and be willing to pick up from you each week :slight_smile:

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Thanks Emma, I’ve been trying to gather up a crew in the last few months. I haven’t reached 10 yet but I’m hoping I can make this happen in 2020!