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Microgreens equipment

Hi folks,

I’m just curious what trays people are using for microgreens? I regularly see the 25.4cm * 50.8cm (10" * 20") flats in use elsewhere but have not found them easily available in Australia. Whereas the shorter trays, around 29.5cm * 35cm are readily available as they are in use regularly for propagation purposes.
Ideally the larger tray will give the higher yield for much the same labour input.

hey dude,
Most people (at least in the states) are using the trays for the classic 1020 trays. They can be purchased I believe at Transplanting Systems.
These trays are great size however they are a more flimsy plastic and won’t last the years if used a lot.
Recently, people are talking about the trays from the Paper Pot transplanter as being epic. More pricey but the investment will be payed off because they just won’t break. Also they have great dimensions similar to the 1020.
Mikey, Mossy Willow Farm

Hi Mikey,

thanks for that, yes I’ve seen the interest in the paperpot trays for microgreens, I’ll check out Transplanting Systems when I can.

Hey Dalesh - Did you end up finding trays for Microgreens ?



Hi Geoff,

I’m using rice seedling trays that I found as Mikey mentioned above at Transplant Systems although this may be a discontinued line there now.