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Moreland Food Systems Strategy

The Moreland Food System Strategy was recently unanimously endorsed by Moreland City Council and allocated $320K over the next 3 years.

This has been the hard work of Councillor Natalie Abboud (a newly elected Greens councillor) but also the advocacy community groups such as the Moreland Food Garden Network, Merri Health and the Right to Food Coalition.

This comprehensive strategy is an excellent example of the power of advocacy, networks and good timing!

Strategies vision

Our vision is a sustainable, just and vibrant food system. A sustainable food system contributes to a more resilient community and a healthier environment. A just food system ensures that nutritious food is socially and economically accessible to everyone in the community. A vibrant food system protects and nurtures healthy food culture and celebrates diversity.

Strategies Goals

A sustainable food system

  • Goal 1 Locally sourced food is an integral part of Moreland’s economic personality, success and strength
  • Goal 2 People are enabled to responsibly grow food, produce waste, conserve nutrients and keep food and soil healthy
  • Goal 3 Places that do or can grow food are properly cared for

A just food system

  • Goal 4 The health benefits that nutritious food can bring to the whole community are realised
  • Goal 5 There are opportunities for everyone to access nutritious food, no matter what their economic or social situation
  • Goal 6 People are empowered to grow food at home and in community spaces

A vibrant food system

  • Goal 7 Moreland’s rich food cultures are nurtured and celebrated
  • Goal 8 Skills are built in nutritious food production and management to support the food system
  • Goal 9 The community’s ability to achieve a better food system through greater participation is enhanced

If anyone has any question about the strategy or its process of development, please feel free to contact me at

Sophie Jamieson - Food Systems Dietitian