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Needing help and direction on where to find data/stats on the key areas attached - for North East Victoria

Hi all,

I am wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of some good data sources for the points attached below, for the North East Victoria region particularly.
I work in the health sector and am not clear on what sources are available in the agriculture sector, let alone provide regional data on a whole.

  • % of retail food outlets selling locally-grown food from the region

  • Average age of farmers in the region

  • % decline in employment in agriculture sector

  • % change in number of agricultural businesses

Any help is much appreciated.



Hi Megan,
I’m not sure that there is likely to be any data on outlets selling locally-grown food unless someone has done a specific local study.

But for farmer numbers, age, etc. the ABS Agricultural Commodities survey should help:

ABARES and ABS also put out summary documents for the national picture on some of those questions, but for local data you’ll need to download the data tables directly from there.


Thank you Jen very much for the link and explanation. The ABS data is fantastic and that you can look at your own region as well as others, states and Australia as a whole.

I am after data like this that helps paint a strong picture of our region and its needs around food production, supporting the industry and connection our communities have with food from our region.

Thanking you,