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Needing help with a communications and marketing plan/approach to build our local food network as a community action group in our LGA and broader region to support all our work, events, networking and more

Our local food network is now formally established, we have an M.O.U with our local council around delivering in partnership our local food strategy.
Our food network has a steering committee, working groups (to deliver specific actions of the strategy’s action plan) and aims to have a third part to its structure that is a communication level for broader stakeholders wanting to stay connected.
We recently have secured some funds to support the delivery of our actions. We need to establish some systems to support our work, how we promote and engage, where we promote and engage and build that community awareness that we exist. Any advice, examples, direction you may know of would be greatly appreciated

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Hey Megan,
How exciting! I’d be happy to help. My email is
I specialise in helping farmers and food enterprises with their marketing.

Hi Megan,
Fantastic to hear that your food network has been formally established. I evaluated the South Coast Food Policy Coalition in Southern Gippsland, and produced the following paper:

McCartan, J. and Palermo, C., 2017. The role of a food policy coalition in influencing a local food environment: an Australian case study. Public health nutrition, 20(5), pp.917-926.

Whilst it doesn’t specifically focus on promotion and engagement, there may be some information that you can draw upon.

Happy to answer any further questions, or put you in contact with the coalition chair if you’re not already in touch. . Another good example is the Baw Baw Food Movement


Also see links to Farm Gate Trails e.g.

Hi Megan, we’ve got a digital strategy that we use for both our farm business and online teaching business, happy to share.

Hi Katie,

Thank you for your message and it would be fantastic to have a look at your strategy.
We have ended up employing a consultant who has put together a comms and marketing strategy for us… but am always keen to see what else is out there and learn from it.

Thank you again.

Hi Megan,
Glad you’ve got it sorted, sorry it took me so long to notice your
initial request.
Our strategy isn’t really written anywhere - it’s a bit of an evolving
octopus actually, but we will be presenting a workshop in August on the
blueprint behind our online business, which will make us organise our
thoughts a bit, so I’ll be happy to share our workshop info once it’s