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New articles up on the Learn site - Tarrawalla Farm

We have just added three new articles up on the Open Food Network Learn site profiling Tarrawalla Farm!

On their farm in north-eastern Victoria, Steve and Catherine produce pastured eggs with a focus on holistic land management and ethical, sustainable farming that’s stress-free for their animals. Aside from working on the farm and running their own businesses, the couple also believe strongly in their role advocating for fair food.

This case study
provides a brief overview of Tarrawalla Farm, as well as Steve and Catherine’s journey, challenges and visions for the future.
This article goes into more detail on the business side of their farm, and the specific farm practices they employ to take care of their land holistically.
This article details the ways Steve and Catherine try to play a role in fair food advocacy, discussion and education.

@tarrawallafarm are on the forum and available to continue the discussion, or answer any follow up questions.