Australian Fair Food Forum

Open Design Distributed Manufacturing Symposium including Farm Hack | Fri May 12 in Melb

The event below includes discussion from @Rob_Sidelong about the local Farm Hack initiatives he’s leading - should be really interesting!

"A revolution is underway in material production, in agriculture, construction and manufacturing. A global design commons now provides people with opportunities to draw on a global legacy of human creativity. New technologies allow people to produce locally what was previously only possible by large companies.

Find out what this revolution means for industry, for government policy and for society. Discover opportunities to connect with the people driving and playing in this emerging space.

Five speakers will present, each for 10 minutes.

Rob Eales will discuss his current work including, developing tools for small acre and organic farmers, the farm hack model as a way to drive the development of new tools, the opportunities in the development of better internet access for Victorian rural and regional communities, the OSVehicle project and what it could mean for local production, the drivers and opportunities for his practice and current issues that exist for these approaches including scaling up or across, the funding and documenting of Open Source Hardware (OSHW) projects and R&D in the context of these projects."