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Opportunity to farm

I am developing a very large food garden- 8h. in fact- in SW. Vic. It consists of: -
50+ well established and newly-producing fruit trees; young plantings of carobs, pine nuts and olives; hazelnut grove; berries; grapes; medicinal/culinary herbs; several large vegie gardens; small scale grain growing; wood lots; fodder trees; fibre plants; propagation glasshouses; 2 large waterholes; 3b/r house with two living rooms; machinery; workshops; mudbrick making resources; etc.
My vision is to use this as a demonstration/training garden to inspire local landholders to start growing food so a local food network evolves comprising: a legal food processing facility to add value to produce, a weekly farmers market and eventually a café using local, chemical free food. I use Bio-dynamic and permaculture principles. I have run a B-d farm in Ireland and have worked in the Poor world training various groups to grow food without chemicals.
I have been back in Australia for 6 years and have tried many and varied avenues to get people interested to take part in this vision of providing clean food rather than poisoned food, which is the case of most retail food. After 6 years of huge physical and mental effort I am at a crossroad.
I am open to ideas from interested people whether beginners wanting to learn and /or experienced food providers. If you know of anyone who might be even vaguely interested please communicate with……
Kevin Cotter, ph. 03 5527 1350,


Your project sounds incredibly worthwhile Kevin. I could not get a sense of what it was you were looking for. Is it investors or energy you need? Would an internship or apprenticeship program fill your needs or would Cultivate Farms be of assistance in finding partners for your venture? I would love to know more though I am not of much help to you. My hands are full at Purple Pear Farm doing a similar thing but it seems smaller scale.
regards Mark.