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Organic and Regenerative Investment Cooperative - New approaches to land ownership and investment!

Read more about this groundbreaking initiative here - we’ve done a bit of a write up on OFN Learn. I think this is a seriously awesome initiative for two reasons. Land ownership and investment. We need to evolve alternative and ethical ways to do both, and this project is not just talking about it but actually putting in place practical and democratic mechanisms. It’s not just enough to create alternatives to traditional capitalist economy, we also need to come up with workable and scaleable ways to transfer resources from the old economy to the new.

An example of an investment model that attempts to address this is capped returns which ORIC is exploring. Would be awesome to hear of other investment models that people know about that are 1) ethical and also 2) transfer resources at scale to people creating new/regenerative economies.

Here’s where you can [join the coop] (


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Thanks Serenity.

We are blown away by the support ORICoop has received to date. If you are keen to find out more - jump online and join, and further news is coming shortly!

The first investment offerings we hope to have finalised by May, and look forward to ORICoop Investor Days, and engaging with our members on upcoming investment opportunities, localised food engagement, & education.

We are still learning and engaging deeply in the Cooperative space, and would be very interested in other models that can enable this to occur. Our fundamental is about creating a flow of investment into organic & regenerative farmland and businesses, that empowers their growth and stability, and ultimately better supply of more localised food for more people.

In the process, we have a community of farmers, eaters, investors, consumers that all collectively are working towards a similar purpose.

Thanks for your interest. And send me over any questions or details you are looking for!

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