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PGS Accreditation

This is a program offered by IFOAM, that is emerging throughout Australia, for some growers/producers that are selling direct to consumers, and looking for a peer reviewed PGS system/program.

People suggested/interested in this discussion (add names in comments and send them the link to join the thread if you know others who are interested).

Small Group of interested people? Comment below if this is you . .

Any small producers (currently certified through small producer programs)

Current PGS groups (Joel has list):

  • Certified Naturally Grown - Granite Belt
  • Certified Naturally Grown - Gympie
  • FEED - Northern Rivers
  • SCPA Organics (Certification details here:-
  • Mary Valley Country Growers CoOp

@carolyn has just alerted me to this Global PGS survey -

Take part in the 2017 Global PGS Survey!

IFOAM - Organics International is the only organization compiling global data about Participatory Guarantee Systems (PGS). Through the Global PGS survey we systematically review and update our PGS database every 2 years.

Please choose your preferred language and start the survey:


See / join the IFOAM newsletter here . .

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There is another good example of a PGS system that is working well in NZ.

They are independantly audited by BIO-GRO, but run their own peer reviews aside from that.

Would be interested in Joel’s thoughts - and if Australia could create this type of entity?

Yes,we are part of SCPA Organics and there are about 20 other farmers in the group too.

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@penny would you be able to share this forum with them, and invite them to join? The more ‘perspective’ we can get the better for all.

My suggestion is to find/explore a working model, that can then be used for other PGS communities around Australia. Have you communicated directly with IFOAM to set up your group and resources? It is fantastic, and one of the explempary models!


Carolyn, no worries, I will share with the group.


There is an evolving national discussion about PGS … and would be interested to know who is keen on being part of this?

? What does PGS represent?
? Is there a functioning PGS that could be a model for others emerging?
? Is there a need for national voice/representation entity (to lobby for market access/farmers market)
? Could there be a register of ‘master farmers’ that could assist with the assessment process?

We are working on a PGS in North East Vic, and keen to work/collaborate with other groups that have already travelled this road!


Just letting you all know that a PGS Council is emerging … with a first meeting called mid/end of January. This will form a collective of PGS organisations around Australia - and hopefully (fingers crossed!) will enable a centralised voice to be heard by the certifiers and the organic industry (until now PGS has had not voice - and has been sidelined by many)

If you are interested in being involved then pls PM me.

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@carolyn do you know if the meeting took place in January?