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Portable on farm infrastructure - flour mill trailer

We’re expanding our little farm based flour milling operation (Woodstock Flour) and we’re looking at building a tiny house trailer for the flour mill. Does anyone have any resources, information or advice regarding portable on farm infrastructure? ie. Shipping containers or trailers. We’d love some direction! Any information on simply building tiny houses would be great too.

We’re choosing to go portable because we’re hoping it will allow us more flexibility, total ownership of the structure (as we’re operating on family farm land which we don’t have any ownership over), and if our business were to fall to pieces we would be able to either sell the trailer or use it for something else. It might also allow us to build with out worrying about council approval?

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I’d have a look at FarmHack in the USA - they’ve just updated / relaunched their tool library and I suspect you’ll find some ideas e.g.