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Reaching the Mainstream

These notes were taken from a group discussion session at the Food Sovereignty Convergence in Canberra, 23/24 November 2017.

  • Focus on the ‘swinging eaters’ rather than the mainstream?
  • What are the first steps? We might be able to change behaviours a little bit at a time.
  • Multi prong approach- agriculture, gardening, physical place, internship, engage local council, media (newsletter etc.), continual messaging
  • $20 garden beds engage the fringe- think they have no money to grow their own
  • SAGE – Sustainable Agriculture and Gardening, Eurobodalla.
  • Help them articulate what they’re doing with their friends
  • Tangibility has a huge impact.
  • It starts at an early age- ‘why are we doing this mum?’
  • Costa is great at this
  • High school is an activities desert. Primary school has lots of wonderful things going on.
  • There needs to be investment in the curriculum to support the programs + resources.
  • It’s been done wrong before: Organics going mainstream
  • Sound bite structure ‘it’s about health’. NOT gradual, over time
  • We need to think long term and short term.
  • The conversation around soil is raising. Healthy soil = healthy communities
  • We’re showing we’re listening to traditional owners.
  • User journey: cooking > eating > growing > fair food warrior
  • Farmers markets are not a silver bullet
  • Permanence:
  • Melb farmers market organising a permanent food hub for orders, deliveries + collection, Food Connect in Brisbane, Pocket City Farms in Sydney
  • Maps exist- how to get the word out? Open Food Nework, Fair Food Forum, Q+A, info reservoir.
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What does this look like as a practical or relevant item as applied to a food sovereignty conversation?

Regards Russell

I think this was referring to how we invited some Traditional Owners in the area to join us at the Food Sovereignty Convergence and to speak about their connection to country.