Australian Fair Food Forum

Regenerative Farming Tour September

We’ve posted a short video about our tour this September.

The tour goes from 11th September to the 16th September and the cost includes travel to and from Melbourne to all the property visits (12 great producers), butchers, bakery, providores and local food cafes. Work through from production on farm, to value adding and the finally discuss marketing and distribution with CSA managers, retail butchers and food industry expert.

For those that book prior to the 31 July we will get a copy of Allan Savory’s third Edition book - Holistc Management.
To book just complete our rego form at and we will send out the full program and booking details.

This is going to be a great program with lots of information and ideas for you to use in your farm or business.


Great initiative - we will proudly be one of the farms take will make up the tour - we will be show casing our on farm butchery and regenerative farming practices and discussing how to best achieve the retail dollar return for the hard work that goes into farming