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Rostering software

Hello everyone,
We are looking for a good way to manage our staffing and volunteers, at Baw Baw Food Hub. We use a google sheet, but it’s very manual and we’d like to be able to have people self-roster and manage availability to a greater extent.
Around 15 people doing regular shifts and 15 or so doing casual 3 hour slots, plus a growing “working member” category that could easily take us over 50.
Lots of programs charge per worker, so they are just too expensive for us.
Any clues, experience with this issue?
thanks in advance,
Lynda, BBFH

Hey Lynda,
I’ll ask the folks at OzHarvest next door. We use Deputy which is a $ per head rostering app. It’s got everything, including HR processes embedded in onboarding newbies.
Cheers, EK

Thanks EK, that would be interesting to know. We are looking at a thing called RosterElf, for which we only get charged for the people who work in a given week. Could be a handy feature for us. And it’s Australian!
We’ll see how that goes …

Hi Lynda
Nothing specific comes to mind, however in the past I’ve used some good Festival Rostering Apps/Websites.

I just did a quick google using ‘Festival Rostering App’

This looks like it may suffice.

If you get stuck and want something custom designed, let me know as I work for a company in Fitzroy (Melb) who does App/Web design.


Geoff - o4o757729o

Thanks, Geoff,

We have ended up going with an Australian mob called RosterElf - it lets us combine management of all our paid workers, volunteers and working members in one roster. You pay only for each person who is rostered on in a given week, instead of paying per user, per month. This is a great feature, for us. Lots of ongoing development, and a friendly and helpful Australian voice on the end of the phone.
So far, so good!