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Seeking farm insurance recommendation

Hi everyone, looking for recommendations for insurance companies (and/or brokers) for farm insurance. We’ve got a complex situation here with a co-op on our farm, so we’re seeking someone we can actually have a good conversation with to explain what we need - ideally someone who understands small-scale farming. I’ve looked at the Insurance for Food Hubs thread, but as we’re a collection of for-profit businesses most of that info doesn’t really apply. Any recommendations welcome!
Thanks, Katie

Hi Katie, we’ve been dealing with WFI for years. David Cooke is our rep here near Albury. He visits each year to discuss out current situation. Wfi deal in farm insurance and are able to develop a comprehensive product. David’s number is 0409165480, Good luck. Gerard Lawry

hi @kfinlay our extended family use Mary Ann Brown Insurance (based out of Hamilton) and have done for years. They’ve always really reliably paid out and have set up a few tricky ones for us in terms of machinery use across multiple family farm businesses etc

Thanks for the tip Gerard, we’ll give David a call. Cheers, Katie

Great, thanks Jen! We’ll get in touch with them. Cheers, Katie