Australian Fair Food Forum

Setting up notifications (incl. email)

This forum lets you set up your own tailored ‘email lists’ so that you see information only on the topics that are of interest to you. Do this once and then you don’t need to login again unless you want to!

You do this by setting up the ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ that you want to follow.

####1. Go to your user preferences

####2. Scroll down to Categories and set any that you want to watch or track:

  • Tracking - You will be notified of unread posts, name mentions, and replies to your post.
  • Watching - same as Tracking, plus you will be notified of all new posts.
  • NB. Selecting a category will include all sub-categories e.g. select Farmer and you will get info from all types. If you only want livestock then only follow Livestock