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Tools for Local Food Policy Advocates/Councils

Harvard Law School has just released their second edition of Good Laws Good Food, a great resource and framework for local food councils who may be interested in developing their own guide, or to help identify and pursue food policy priorities.

It covers the general legal setting surrounding food policy, local food infrastructure, land use planning and regulation, urban agriculture, consumer access and demand, procurement, food waste and school food and nutrition education.
Even though it is in a U.S. context, there is still relevant information and tips for anyone working at the local level in food policy - and it would be great to develop something similar here in Aus!


Thanks for this.

Great information to stimulate discussion with LGA.

I have shared this with the Sustain Food - Northern Rivers group which includes industry and local government representatives.

Are there any other formative documents available in Australia that can support councils to address these policy issue?

Sustain : Nick Rose may have?


This looks like a really great resource. Thanks so much for sharing Eva. I agree it would be fantastic to develop something similar in Australia! It would also be good to see more local food policy councils here in Australia as well.