Australian Fair Food Forum

Upcoming Networking Event - Pathways into the Fair Food Community

As part of fair food week, this exciting networking event is coming up in a few weeks in Melbourne!

“It can be difficult to know how to engage with the fair food community in a meaningful and fulfilling way, which is why we will be bringing together many of the diverse organisations working together in the fair food space to show you how and where you can apply your interests and skills”

“With presentations from @OpenFoodNetwork (@Jen and @serenity), Farmer Incubator (@emmy_grows), Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (@tammois), CERES Environment Park (@ChrisE), Fair Food Challenge (@SophieLamond), Cultivating Community, @3000acres, CERES Joe’s Market Garden, Melbourne Farmers Markets (@MFM), The Community Grocer (@thecommunitygrocer), Sustain: Australia Food Network (@max) and Right to Food Coalition (@sophiehartjamieson) you will learn:
· What these organisations are about
· Any upcoming events or projects they are working on
· Volunteer and internship vacancies
· The variety of skills you will be able to apply and gain from working with each organisation.”

For those interstate or unable to make it, we will be documenting and posting the information each organisation presents on this thread. With many of the presenters on the forum, it will be awesome to be able to continue discussion and for people to ask any questions they might have!

For more information, check out the facebook event. You will find links here to RSVP and register for a ticket.{"ref"%3A"108"%2C"action_history"%3A"null"}

Hi folks, I just posted an event to Tiny Trowel Facebook page for the week :slight_smile:
Hope we can connect and get things going for this, and see more community support for food resilience.