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Where do fruits and vegetables come from

I am developing an education program for primary schools and looking for a short video (around 5 minutes) to educate children 9-12 years where fruit and vegetables come from. Does anyone have any recommendations?

@Jen would any of the foodprint videos work for this?

Perhaps, although more related to city fringe farming and aimed at Year 9:

The Phenomenom project might have something?

Stephanie Alexander programs have a substantive library. Here is an intro video:

I’m not in Australia unfortunately, but I was previously affiliated with one of the largest farming concerns in the States and with that in mind, I would recommend finding out who your largest producers of fruits and vegetables are in your area and asking them to support your endeavor. You will likely find that they would be very happy to. Oftentimes, we are looking for new and creative ways to educate the public regarding the healthy foods which we grow. I would not be surprised to find that they would share many videos with you as well as some of the fruits and vegetables and promotional material from the company. may be able to get you closer.
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Thanks everyone. It is such an important topic to connect children to where their food comes from however it is quite hard to find this simple resource. I will get in touch with a farming organisation as you recommended