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Experienced Organic Farm Managers &/or Entrepeneurs

ORICoop is launching this week, and with it our first market garden opportunity.

There will be more opportunities as our investment cluster of farms grows.

If you are interested in working with ORICoop, please register your interest with Cultivate Farms (HERE)

Attached is a summary of the application
ORICoop Market Garden Opportunity.pdf (49.4 KB)

The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative (ORICoop) is excited to be releasing the details of our first Investment Offering over the coming week, a fully certified large organic farm in Central Victoria.

ORICoop is founded on the principles of Co-operative values, community, preserved organic farmland, real financial returns and local food systems. We are excited to share an aspect of this – and are seeking expressions of interest for a component of the horticulture/market garden farmland management opportunity. The area and opportunity is conditional on finding the right person, with good experience and engaging with the local organic food community.


• 10 - 20acres of certified organic farmland available
• Management position, with lease/profit share opportunity
• Near Bendigo region, in Central Victoria
• Will be part of a Co-operatively owned fully certified organic farm
• Strong market opportunities in Bendigo and surrounding areas
• Innovative ownership/management structure
• Secure irrigation water
• Long term position (5+ years)
• Cost is negotiable, but likely from $10,000 per year (STA)

If you think this might be you, or someone you know – please encourage them to get in touch!

Application form here:-

Carolyn Suggate
Mobile – 0448 778 074

Such a great opportunity @carolyn!

@emmy_grows @georgiabsavage @Futurefeeders - have anyone you know who should apply?

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Hi Carolyn,

I could share this information on Farmer Incubator social media, see if we reach anybody that’s interested through there?

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Hi everyone, we’re on the lookout for an orchardist to join the newly formed Harcourt Organic Farming Alliance. We’re putting out the call for anyone who is interested in the opportunity to lease our fully productive certified organic orchard and start their own business as part of the Alliance we’re setting up on our farm - it’s an “instant orchard” opportunity! The idea is that an individual, couple, or collective or people lease the orchard along with existing infrastructure, tools, water right and markets to run as their own business. We’re keen to pass on our skills and knowledge and support the new farmer to really make a go of it, so will support and mentor them through the first year of growing. We had that support from Katie’s dad when we took over the orchard almost 20 years ago, so we want to pass that on.

We’re holding a free online information session on Sunday 17 September to explain the opportunity and answer questions. You can register for the session here:, or in the meantime you can contact us any time on info@growgreat to ask any questions, or give us a call: Hugh (0409 012 090) and Katie (0409 706 784) Finlay, Mt Alexander Fruit Gardens.

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I saw this event mentioned on the Australian market gardeners success facebook page … I hope it went well sounds like a great venture especially in light of the backing you have from government.

It is a concept I would like to have in the SE Qld are where I am. One question as to the-the zoning of the property …will you be able to house for workers or is it still a single occupancy property.

Hi Russell,
Thanks for getting in touch. Our online info session went well, but I
don’t think we’ve found the right person yet. Re housing, at this stage
we’re not offering accommodation - our existing Alliance partners all
live near the farm, not on it, but we’re looking at various
accommodation options for the future. At the moment Hugh and I live in
the only farmhouse, which is massive now that all our kids have moved
out, but until we build ourselves another smaller place (on an adjoining
property we own), we’re not really in a position to share. We’re also
open to the idea of tiny houses, and I don’t think we’d need permits for
them - we haven’t really looked into it yet.
Which part of SE Qld are you from - do you have a farm there? Happy to
give you more info about our Alliance project if you’re interested.

Hey Katie

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

I asked about the accommodation as for all my experience you want to be living on the land you are cultivating due to the nature of the work …as you would well know :slight_smile:

The other reason is that I have always harboured the concept of teaching / Ecotourism as a viable land use model integrated with the commercial production.
This, in turn, would require a planning code to enable short-term stays and or permanent lodgings for the managment.

A project that encompasses the broad ideas I am referring to is at unfortunately they are falling foul of petty bureaucracy at the present time which is an another reason why an education and viable community facility is an excellent way to influence public and legislative authorities.

My time as management in social enterprise organisation showed me hands-on doing is a great teaching and life skill enhancement yet you have to have a viable profit centre to back it up.

Over my time I have grown bananas, pawpaw, manderin, run various livestock, turkey, duck, pigeon/squab and other various market garden crops.

I am in the town of Killarney which is 30k south-east of Warwick practising the Urban farming concept popularized by Curtis Stone. I am currently producing salad greens for the local cafes, pub and co-op as well as operate a weekend roadside stand. Also, my partner and I are the organizers for the monthly community markets started by KAPA - Killarney Area Promotion Association of which we are community members of.

Love what you are doing with the Alliance project all the best Rregards Russell

Hi Russell, thanks for that, I’ll check out the link. All the best with
both the growing and the market - and good luck with getting something
happening on the teaching/ecotourism side of things! It’s great to make
connections with others in Australia who are heading in the same

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If Bendigo was in a tropical climate id be there yesterday!!

NSW DPI Young Farmer Business Program also has a extensive contact list that is worth distributing though for these opportunities


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Wwe have just updated here - please share!

Organic Farmland Equity opportunity (2) (1).pdf (712.4 KB)